Advanced options trading course

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What you will learn

The course covers all the theory an options trader needs. Apart from theory, you will learn about real-life aspects of options trading alongside some great tips & tricks to reduce your trading costs and increase the probability of success. Finally, we introduce top mistakes made by traders. Those are based on our years of experience in options trading.

Why our course

Options trading can be very lucrative. Example from Fortune magazine article: How one trader made $2.4 million in 28 minutes. The only problem? That trader was extremely sophisticated. He had the knowledge and experience to execute this hyper precise trade as well as resources to deploy algorithmic trading. Gaining that knowledge and experience requires years of options trading. Unfortunately many traders lose money in their first years. That is precisely why we have created this course. To try to minimise loses traders will suffer during their first 3-5 years of options trading. We want to provide solid theoretical background and highlight most commonly made mistakes. As a bonus we will also teach you tricks that can surprise even the most veteran options traders. Don't lose your money to learn. Others have already done that for you.

Any further questions?

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