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Options trading for dummies

Our Holistic options trading course is designed to be comprehensible even for complete beginners. We have achieved this by providing you with fundamental knowledge explained in simple terms. The course starts from the basics by introducing crucial concepts in an exhaustive way. That’s why you could really say that this course is like options trading for dummies. But we dig deep. For example. In another course it may have been assumed that the students already know what an option is. That is most certainly true for most of them. After all you had to google options trading to reach such course. But can we be sure that students have deep understanding of this fundamental concept? That’s why we will drill into details and surprise you with knowledge that was hidden in plain sight.

And just for the record this course is better than options trading for dummies book.

More than options trading for dummies

And then we will take you to the wonderful land of complexity. Don’t worry we will try to break everything down into small pieces. Not because we consider you a “dummy”. On the contrary. After all, paying attention to details is the ultimate proof of true mastery. Think about it. Have you ever heard about Japanese katana craftsmen? These gentlemen dedicate their whole lives to studying a not so long process of making a true katana blade.But what seems easy on the surface hides the huge complexity of the whole process. Which can be understood only after a closer look. Only through passion and extreme focus on details those katana masterpieces can be created. It’s the same thing with options trading. It’s a craft that needs patience, knowledge and experience to give success. The subjects covered by the course will include: volatility plain, gamma scalping, lattice methods, arbitrage pricing and more. That doesn’t sound like options trading for dummies anymore. Does it?

But that’s not all

So let’s recap the flow of this (more than) options trading for dummies course. At first it will be back to basics. The options trading for dummies stage. Then you will start to develop mastery by learning important complex topics step by step. But the journey doesn’t end there. So far you were still learning about the theory. Now it’s time for practical part. Welcome to the real world. You probably know to well that theory often differs from real life situations. This is especially true when trading options. Unfortunately you could be a beginner or a trader with 10 years of experience in both cases you can still get caught in the traps of real life. Generally every single time you will trade options on a new underlying instrument you should be careful. No matter how experienced you are. Fortunately there are simple steps to follow to minimize the effect of real life chaos on your trading. We will introduce those to you. You will also be shown the most important ways in which real life differs from theory and what to do about it. As we said it is not only options trading for dummies. This course is much more, yet it keeps it simple.

Holistic options trading course

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Tricks of the trade

Finally the grand finale will come. It's more than options trading for dummies remember? The last skills we will want to teach you will be a set of different tricks every options trader should know. Those minor ideas and practices can sometimes make or break your trades and will have a surprisingly big impact on your profitability. For example. Were you ever annoyed about market makers quoting literally unfair prices for less liquid options? Well here is some good news for you. If you enroll into our course you will learn how to act in such situations so that you get a fair price (or at least get much closer to it). We will also tell you about what we think doesn’t work in options trading and therfore is not worth trying. Just to follow this up with our ideas about what may work. Those suggestions are based on years of options trading experience in various market conditions.

Why should you learn about options trading?

We already drew a parallel between options trading and craftsmanship. In fact options trading as a skill could be considered a craft itself. And as always with craftsmanship you get better and better results after you gain knowledge and experience. Sorry to let you down but to get that knowledge and experience you will most likely have to suffer some losses. That is normal and is the cost of making mistakes. But if you enroll into our course you will be able to learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t lose your money on experimenting we have already done a lot of that for you. We sincerely hope that our course will lead you to avoiding lots of common mistakes and save you money in the end.

Why bother with all this?

Well, you should already know the answer. In the world of finance everything revolves around one thing... Money. And trading options can definitely lead to some extremely fast gains. Just take a look at this article from fortune magazine: How one trader made $2.4 million in 28 minutes. However you have to understand that this trader must have been highly sophisticated and informed to get such great results. He or she must also had access to powerful infrastructure to engage in algorithmic trading. There are more examples of successful options traders making a killing while doing what they love. But be warned, some of them enjoy great profits just to lose it all one day. For every successful options trader there is also another one losing. Somehow nobody wants to talk about the last ones. We want to help you join the winning team but we can’t guarantee that for you. Options involve risks we all know that right? Options trading for dummies? Not so much. It's a domain of people who know what they are doing.

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The problem

So here is the problem of the people who lose money trading options like dummies. They are too greedy and sacrfice proper risk management for higher returns. Donmt do that. We will put a lot of emphasis on that in our course. To teach you how to manage your risks and prevent the emotions from taking over. Sure it’s possible to get rich quick with trading options but it’s not the norm otherwise everyone would be doing that. Learn to walk before you learn how to run. Like we already said invest in our course to learn from the mistakes of others and take this journey step by stepy. Then hopefully you will be able to achieve your goals. Always remain cold blooded and maintain the peace of mind.

Take our course

There is a reason why you should take our (more than) options trading for dummies course. We sincerely want you to succeed. Also we have been honest with you about options trading. Someone else may have told you that it’s a foolproof method to get rich. But that is far from the truth. You could enjoy great profits. But you may as well suffer the pain of devastating losses. That’s why you should take our course. To reduce the risk of this happening. But remember at the end of the day it’s your life. Your trading and your responsibility. Invest that 200$ into yourself. Even if it’s just to show you that options trading may be to much for you. At least you will learn that quickly and not the hard depressing way. We wish you good luck. No matter if you chose to stay with us or not.

Any further questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us. Please use the facebook message box in the middle of this page. We will try to answer you as soon as possible. Our team would really love to talk to you and learn about your opinion and experience. Have a wonderful day!

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Explaining options trading for dummies

Options are a type of financial instrument traded worldwide on many exchanges. When an option is traded a contract between transacting parties is formed. The seller of an option has obligations to the buyer. Whereas the buyer has some type of rights against the seller. Therefore the options buyer can choose to exercise his rights or cease them upon expiration. Usually, the options contract specification require the seller to deliver some type of asset on request of the buyer. However, other things can take the role of “the underlying”. For example cashflows or commodities. When traded on public markets options contracts are standardized and transferable. That means that all the contracts of given listing follow the same rules known as contract specification. And that transaction parties can transfer their rights/responsibilities to other persons by another transaction. For example, the buyer can sell the contract further and the seller could buy back a contract from someone else.

Example of a transaction

Imagine two gentleman Mr. A and Mr. B who want to trade options contracts on OJ. Contract specification from exchange XYZ states that upon exercise 1 ton of orange juice concentrate has to be delivered by the seller to the buyer. Also, the option is of European style. Which means that exercise can be done only on the last day of trading. Mr. A expects the prices of OJ to rise in the future so he buys a Call option that lets him buy 1 ton of OJ for 1000 $ on 28th of December 2018. He pays 150$ for this contract. On the other side of the trade, Mr. B is bearish on OJ price and is happy to sell an option for 150$ and enters the trade. Now let’s consider two scenarios.

The first one:
Orange juice price rises to 1400$ on 28th and Mr. A decides to exercise the option giving him a 1400 – 1000 -150 = 250 $ profit. Mr. B had to buy 1 ton of OJ to deliver it and paid for it 1400$. He got the 1000$ back and still had 150$ he was given for the option contract. That leaves him with a 250$ loss.

Scenario number two:
Orange juice price falls to 500$ and when 28th comes around Mr. A refrains from exercising his option. Therefore he suffers 150$ loss equal to the amount he paid for the contract. Notice that if he was long OJ using futures he would lose 500$. Mr. B doesn’t have to deliver 1 ton of orange juice and takes home 150$ profit he made from selling the option.

That was options trading for dummies shown on an example. Take our course to learn more.